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Listen to some of the best insights on the Procurement Podcast with hosts Christophe Barriere-Varju and Andy Franks

The Procurement Podcast is brought to you by two Procurement Professionals — Speaker, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur Christophe Barriere-Varju; and Andy Franks — founder of BrightSky ClearMind.

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Episode 011: The Role of Procurement in the Banking Industry with Tony Crane

In this episode of the Procurement Podcast we talk about the Role of Procurement in the Banking and Financial Industry and the impact the Bank’s Supply Chain has onto the end consumer.

During our conversation with Tony Crane, we uncover some hidden areas that Banks can explore to continuously add value to their vertical supply chain, and how difficult it is to articulate the customers’ benefits — often emotional — and then being able to deliver a real customer experience.

Duration: 51 min | Play

Episode 010: Advanced & Strategic Procurement with Mario Adamo

In this episode of the Procurement Podcast we talk about Advanced and Strategic Procurement with Mario Adamo.

Brace yourself for an almost hour-long in depth conversation with Procurement defined as “Optimising price, availability, reliability, innovation, TCO in consultation with stakeholders and where Procurement is embedded into the organisation as a ‘complex and strategic’ fact based function.”And in Mario’s words, “Procurement is to be able to think at the next level and bring all the pieces together into concise and well articulated plans.”

Duration: 56 min | Play

Episode 009: High Performance Procurement Program – HP3 Event

In this episode of the Procurement Podcast we speak with attendees of the High Performance Procurement Program (HP3) developed and presented by Rob Halsall.

Listen to the valuable information and feedback from:
David Dellow – Contract and Commercial Manager Group Procurement at QBE Insurance;
Rey Louw, Head of Procurement & Property at Alinta Energy;
Kara Watson – Customer Interactions at Westpac;
Marie Viant – Procurement Manager, IT & Professional Services at Origin Energy;
Thomas Poulton – Global Portfolio Lead at Macquarie Group;
Avneel Naidu – Senior Commercial Manager at Westpac;
Zoe Lin – Senior Category manager at Westpac;
Juan Casas – Procurement Specialist at Alinta Energy.

Duration: 25 min | Play

Episode 008: What is Procurement? A Recap from our 2019 Procurement Guest Speakers with Andy and Christophe

All of our podcasts begin with the same question: ‘What is Procurement?’ Yet the answers differ greatly.

In its first year the Procurement Podcast offered insights from Procurement Professional with deep knowledge about the profession.

What is Procurement? There is no single answer. Yet, Procurement, the Procurement function, and the Procurement profession in general offer many keys to unlock the potential performance within any organisation.

Duration: 16 min | Play

Episode 007: High Performance Procurement with Rob Halsall

In this episode of the Procurement Podcast, we speak with Rob Halsall (former Chief Procurement Officer at Westpac New Zealand) about not just what Procurement is, but how improvements can be made at an individual level.

Rob Halsall is the Founder and Managing Director of The Executive Athlete whose aims are to provide a range of talent profiling & training solutions, commercial & strategy advisory, as well as corporate coaching options to build creative, adaptable and resilient performance.

Using a blend of proven contemporary behavioural science and neuro-leadership practice, combined with extensive transformational leadership experience, The Executive Athlete can assist individuals, and in this case — Procurement Professionals — achieve organisational outcomes.

Listen to this podcast as Rob offers some incredible insights!

Duration: 48 min | Play

Episode 006: Circular Economy Procurement with Myla Bulaon and Tania Lalor

Circular Economy Procurement is a non-negotiable activity to be undertaken by Government Agencies, Public and Private Organisations for the future of our generations and for the future of our planet.

In this Procurement Podcast, Myla Bulaon (NSW Department of Education) and Tania Lalor (Local Government Procurement) speak with Christophe and Andy (Procurement Podcast) and discuss the importance and approaches to embed Circular Procurement as one of the enabler of Circular Economy over the traditional Create + Make + Dispose value creation model.

In today’s world, it is now critical to rethink an organisation initial needs and consider social requirements. This no doubt require an important culture change to our behaviour but also educate the procurement profession in considering the final impact of onset product design and increased product utilisation.

Duration: 53 min | Play

Episode 005: The Role of Strategic Procurement as an Enabler with Jean-Michel Carriere

In his role of Chief Procurement Officer for the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (Australia), Jean-Michel Carriere discusses the role of Procurement as an enabler to achieve strategic objectives.

Jean-Michel Carriere also discusses the importance of having a Supplier Development Programme as a conduit for cross-enterprises value creation.

By setting the correct Procurement Strategy to enable outcomes around:

1. A customer-centric approach to Procurement;
2. Strong Category Management;
3. Governance & Risk Mitigation;
4. Procurement Capabilities;
5. Continuous Improvement.

Finally, Jean-Michel Carriere talks about sharing requirements that the market can understand, assist tenderers, and ensure that Government Agencies have everything at their disposal to deliver value.

Duration: 49 min | Play

Episode 004: Sustainable Procurement with Sarah Collins

Sustainable Procurement is a growing topic amongst most Australian organisations. Climate Change, Modern Slavery, Circular Economy, Reconciliation are some of the elements that fall within Sustainable Procurement.

However, many people still do not clearly understand the business imperative that sits behind integrating sustainability into procurement and supply chain management practices.

As the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) Head of Procurement, Sarah Collins is passionate about Procurement and Sustainable Procurement.

Listen to Sarah Collins talk about Sustainable Procurement and how to implement it within organisations.

Duration: 56 min | Play

Episode 003: Procurement’s Role in Implementing Business Solutions with Jo Bailey

Andy Franks and Christophe Barriere-Varju from the Procurement Podcast interview Jo Bailey, CEO of Progressive Systems.

Jo discusses the role of Procurement and its commercial role in identifying and implementing business solutions.

Duration: 44 min | Play

Episode 002: Responsive Suppliers in Government with Rod Lambert

Andy Franks and Christophe Barriere-Varju from the Procurement Podcast interview Rodney Lambert, Procurement Manager of NSW Fire Service.

Rod offers fascinating insights of his procurement management approach and the importance placed on having responsive suppliers.

Duration: 40 min | Play

Episode 001: The Procurement Podcast with Andy & Christophe

Listen to our first Procurement Podcast where Andy and Christophe discuss some of the topics they will be discussing during their interviews with leading Procurement Executives.

What is procurement? What is the greatest value?
What is the end game of Procurement?
Your negotiation technique will dictate the long term viability of your contract.
Do all businesses need procurement?
How Procurement people are remunerated?
Should Procurement sit in Finance? or as a stand along entity?
The impact of category management within Procurement.
Should you extend an existing contract that is not adequate for the business?

Duration: 23 min | Play

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