RE/MAX Platinum Conference - Queenstown, New Zealand

Christophe Barriere-Varju was a speaker the RE/MAX Platinum Plus Conference in New Zealand. RE/MAX is the Number 1 Real Estate Franchise in the world.

This engagement has been facilitated by Denise Olholm from ICMI & ICMI New Zealand.

Being the number 1 Real Estate in the world means that you must work harder to stay number 1. Not only markets are becoming more and more competitive, new technologies are emerging, a new millennial generation is coming through and their view of the world is different.

In today’s world, whether you sell Pizzas, Real Estate, Movies or Candies, what make companies successful are inter-connected processes, IT, communication, service, customer experience, and employees – and to a lesser extent the products and services being sold.

Experienced Business & Management Consultant Christophe Barriere-Varju is also the subject of award winning film, Dream Racer. He is also the person behind the commercialisation and promotion of Dream Racer around the world with the film reaching audiences from 145 countries. He spoke at the RE/MAX Platinum Plus Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand.

RE/MAX Platinum + Queenstown 2017.

Christophe Barriere-Varju connected the brand Dream Racer and RE/MAX. How you might ask? After all, Dream Racer appears to be just a film and RE/MAX is a global business with over 100,000 agents in the world. How can the two have anything in common?

In this new world of social media, ever more present and inter-connected, more and more embraced by our generation, it requires a new way of communication and social engagement. Communication mediums are no longer letters being posted, it is now direct one-to-one messages using many different mediums.

Although the mediums of communications are expanding with communication triggers being different, the content itself is ‘almost’ the same. It uses text, videos, imagery, and different copywriting strategies to have an impact where attention spans are a mere few seconds. Content needs to grab immediate attention or be ignored for the next best thing.

Having implemented all these strategies for Dream Racer, Christophe spoke about the importance of having the correct technology enablers for an organisation’s communication objectives. Connecting all these technologies is critical to monitor the performance of an overall “Social and Communication Strategies” — and as the saying goes — “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

So what is it that Real Estate organisations such as RE/MAX and other businesses must measure? They must measure the non-physical communication that occurs in a digital world, a world without eyes contact and hands shaking.

Christophe Barriere-Varju speaking at the RE/MAX Conference
Christophe Barriere-Varju speaking at the RE/MAX Conference.

The overall Dream Racer Strategy was presented, along with the technology enablers that allows Dream Racer to reach and nurture audiences from 145 countries from Funnel Management to Website Heat Maps, to Behavioural Email Systems, to Facebook custom audiences and retargeting methods, to Design of Experiment and other A/B Split Testing Methods, and many other tools businesses ought to use to remain competitive in today’s world.

These tools however are nothing without a proper content strategy, and this content must be strategized so that it has the biggest impact — which is measured in the form of click rate, open rate, and call to actions, ultimately delivering a contact and/or a sale.

Content can be written in 9 different ways, each way with its own measureable intent. Multiply these with 16 personality types, and infinite ways to testing Subject Line / Description, Image Types — and you end up with massive opportunities to build awareness, interest, loyalty, and trust into a brand.

However, remembering that “what is not measured cannot be managed” — it is therefore critical to develop a Social and Communication Performance Management Framework before embarking in this new world of online communication.

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That approach, philosophy and knowledge can be directly applied to RE/MAX franchisees. The framework and technology behind Dream Racer has been shared with the RE/MAX audience and a similar methodology can be applied within the Real Estate market (or any market for that matter) to identify the perfect customer avatar, create awareness, nurture potential and existing clients in order for businesses to enhance their brands and create a unique “Customer Experience.”

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“I had the pleasure of working with Christophe on an event in New Zealand just recently and the feedback we have received has been extremely positive.  Christophe provided practical examples that will assist delegates with moving their businesses to the next level.  If only we could have had more time with Christophe to learn more about the adversity that he faced which he turned around to achieve anything he put his mind to.  He was a true professional leading up to and during the event and I look forward to working with him again.” Tara Davoren – Event Organiser & Owner at Imagine Experiences.

“Christophe’s story is spell binding, an amazing triumph against huge adversity. It is always a pleasure listening to someone who is passionate about their craft and has proven that anything you set your mind to can be achieved. Not only was his story great but the strategies he implemented to distribute his story provided key takeaways for any business person wanting to take their business to the next level.” Justin Miller – Director at RE/MAX Regency.

“Learning how to pronounce his name accurately, is but a small taste of the difficulties one encounters when seeking to become an accomplished online marketer . Christophe Barriere-Varju in his seminar brings clarity to the bowl of spaghetti that is online marketing. He advises how to hold and twist your fork to get just the right amount of sauce and spaghetti into your mouth without dripping it all over your top. Christophe takes the mystery out of online marketing and makes it navigable for an old school business achiever. We all want to master the online world, Christophe shows one how to approach it, one bite at a time!” Eric Chase – Broker/Owner at RE/MAX ZEST New Zealand.

“It was a real pleasure meeting Christophe Barriere-Varju at the RE/Max Platinum + Forum in Queenstown New Zealand. I very much enjoyed the insight he provided as keynote speaker with the title of Mission Possible. I particularly resonated with his dissertations around the need for discipline, physical, mental and emotional training, and the continuous focus to self-improvement. My time with him over lunch sharing our passions for current and future projects felt like I had met a kindred spirit. Thank you for a terrific presentation.” Adrian Lane-Mullins, Chairman – RE/MAX Australia & RE/MAX New Zealand, and Author of The Boy from Ashfield.

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The RE/MAX Platinum Conference is Queenstown was not all business, and RE/MAX knows how to look after its people.


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