Featured on Virgin Atlantics


Starring in 7x Award Winner Film Dream Racer, Christophe Barriere-Varju has appeared as part of the in-flight entertainment for Virgin Atlantic on all international flights.

Described as far more than just a motorbike movie, Dream Racer is a call to arms for anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything – a spine-tingling antidote to the fear of life passing you by unfulfilled. Dream Racer has become one of the most talked about motorbike film in recent years.

More than a motorbike movie, it is a call to arms to anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything. A spine-tingling antidote to the fear of life passing a person by unfulfilled. It has become a film that will never be forgotten once watched. Some reviews have said it is one of the most emotional and thrilling films they have ever watched.

About Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic now serves over 30 fabulous destinations worldwide from dazzling cities and dream family holidays in North America to African adventures, relaxing Caribbean Islands or a taste of the exotic in Asia. Virgin Atlantic now operates a total of 32 daily nonstop flights between North America and the UK, of which 24 flights will operate between London Heathrow and popular US destinations, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington.


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