Dream Racer | Television to Target Documentary Film Market


Launched in July 2016, Dream Racer | Television has already captured audiences across 62 countries.

Dream Racer | Television originates its name from its signature film, Dream Racer, a 7-internationally awarded film based on the toughest motorsport race in the world, the Dakar Rally.

Dream Racer is one of those timeless film that stands the test of time and convey a very inspiring message to chase your dreams no matter the obstacles. In opening the platform from a singular film to additional films, it offers our existing audience films that are inspiring in nature, that are sports or adventure based. The individuals portrayed in these films are not actors, they are the real deal with real emotions, ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things, each carrying with them their own motivating factors that leaves the audience greatly inspired to chase their own dreams” says Christophe Barriere-Varju.

Dream Racer | Television is now looking for films that fits this documentary genre and to establish themselves in this niche market. They can be anything from motorcycles to mountain climbers, runners, worldwide adventurers etc.

Current films include “Dream Racer“, multiple world record holder Nick Sanders’ latest film “Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man“, talented Portuguese Film Maker Miguel Gaudencio’s black and white film “Down, But Not Out!“, National Geography Production “Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar“, Angela Faria and Colin Oddy Production “Sheer Will.

Dream Racer is working with Film Festivals, Film Makers, and Production Companies around the Globe to bring true stories and inspiring films to Dream Racer | Television. The films that are in the pipeline are simply amazing stories that will give shivers to the audience.

“The documentary genre we are seeking is very defined, what we want at the end of each film is for viewers to retain something valuable from each of these stories, something they can apply not only for themselves, for their own dreams and challenges, but then in turn inspire and share their own inspiring stories with others, with their families and friends” says Barriere-Varju.

In addition, Dream Racer | Television proactively promotes these films to audiences, and we encourage film makers to contact us with their films.

About Dream Racer | Television

Dream Racer | Television is a pay-per-view Internet television services available to viewers worldwide that features inspirational and true-life documentaries with an audience already covering 62 countries. Dream Racer | Television provides film makers with a fully encrypted DRM digital video on demand platform that protects their content. Films can be rented or purchased and be watched anytime, anywhere on most internet-connected screen. Functionality also includes off-line viewing on selected devices.

Official Website: http://ondemand.dreamracer.tv


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