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Best known for starring in 10x times Award Winning Film – Dream Racer, Inspirational Speaker Christophe Barriere-Varju is a combination of adventurer, motorsport racer, business man, and entrepreneur. His speaking engagements are related to Personal Performance and/or Business Related topics, and Business Coaching.

Why Christophe?

The gist of it is that Christophe loves a challenge, so much that he spends his time turning his and people’s dreams and/or business ideas into reality. The key he says is “learning how to learn and using challenges, failures and the fear of the unknown into developing your own self-inspiring mindset.”

  • Within the business world:
    • Holds a triple major MBA in Finance, Supply Chain Management, and New Venture Management from the University of San Diego, California.
    • 2001 – Present. Founded business and management consulting company BvW Global — BvW Global advises Australian Government Agencies, Public and Private Corporations in Complex Procurement, Cost Management and in implementing Performance Management Frameworks. Has saved companies over $1 billion.
    • 2010 – Present. Founded Dreamracer Pty Ltd — which distributes Dream Racer (the Film) worldwide and offer a line of Dream Racer lifestyle apparels — with a current customer reach across 145 countries.
    • 2016 – Present. Founded Dream Racer Television — a Netflix / iTunes type Video-on-Demand platform. Dream Racer TV hosts inspirational and true-story films. Since its launch, Dream Racer TV has a current audience spanning 84 countries.
    • 2017 – Present. Founded PS Branding. PS Branding has been set up to bring life to ideas from new and upcoming entrepreneurs – setting up or improving online businesses from logos to branding identity, SEO, adwords management and e-commerce websites available as complete turn-key solutions. PS Branding also does screen printing for its clients as part of their branding and/or product ranges.
    • 2017 – Present. Launched christophebarrierevarju.com— this website is a brief repository of speaking topics that are available to clients. Christophe is also a regular host on radio stations across Australia. You can book Christophe through this website or via ICMI Speakers Bureau (Australia / New Zealand) and BigSpeak (United States).
    • 2019 – Present. Founded the Procurement Podcast. The Procurement Podcast is brought to you by Andy Franks and Christophe Barriere-Varju, two passionate procurement professionals.

  • Outside of the business world:
    • Former motocross champion, Christophe once raced in front of 220,000 spectators in West Africa, winning the race five years in a row for the Ivory Coast.
    • Has raced the Dakar Rally 4 times both in Africa and South America as a privateer representing Australia. The Dakar Rally is the toughest and most dangerous motorsport race in the world.
    • Is the subject of 10x award winning film Dream Racer. Dream Racer is the most awarded motorcycle film of all time viewed by audiences across 145 countries.
    • Co-hosted a National Geographic production. Co-hosted Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar along with former Miss Universe Australia / Miss World / Miss Australia / Australian TV Presenter, Laura Csortan. The film was broadcast across 190 countries.

His Story

Born in the south of France, Christophe’s early life was shaped with a move to the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Growing up on the African continent created an incredible drive and competitive spirit within Christophe, which saw him become a National Motocross Champion at the age of 18, and winning the African Motocross des Nations five times in a row for the Ivory Coast.

With competition came discipline, physical, mental and emotional training, self control, and knowing that failure is only learning in the never ending pursuit of self-improvement.

At 21, with two suitcases in hand and not a word of English, Christophe headed to California, where despite the barriers, he completed a MBA with triple major in Finance/Supply Management/New Venture Management by the age of 27, and then built a successful business consulting career with Coopers & Lybrand and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in New York.

Always one for adventure, his next move was to Australia, creating in 2001 the highly successful business consulting practice BvW Global. BvW Global assists Government Agencies, Public and Private Corporations reduce cost through advanced procurement techniques, cost management, and performance management frameworks.

Despite his business success, the racer never left Christophe, electing to take on the most dangerous race in the world, the Dakar Rally — which he has now competed 4 times, one of them whilst starring in the film Dream Racer, a film that has been watched by audiences in over 145 countries.

Using BvW Global consulting approach, a new and additional business venture was born, Dreamracer Pty Ltd. Dreamracer Pty Ltd is a worldwide distribution and marketing company. The company was established to independently produce, promote, market, and distribute Dream Racer. Early successes included international broadcast on Discovery WorldFOX, and featured in international in-flight movies at QantasVirgin, and Emirates.

Today, the film Dream Racer has won 10 International Awards including Los Angeles, Barcelona, Milan, Marina del Rey, New York, New Delhi, Oregon, Toronto, French Riviera and has also been nominated in Austria, and Australia for Best Edited Film – making Dream Racer the most awarded motorcycle film of all time.

The venture Dreamracer Pty Ltd that was formed by Christophe to release the film Dream Racer worldwide is also the catalyst for Dream Racer TV – an online video platform allowing viewers to stream and download inspiring documentaries with an experience equivalent to Netflix and iTunes – whose advanced marketing framework is also the subject of keynote speaking engagements for online digital marketing. Since its launch in July 2016, Dream Racer TV has reached audiences from 84 countries.

The learning gained as a combination of adventurer, motorsport racer, business man, and entrepreneurial spirit are now available as speaking engagements to inspire and motivate your audience.

Sample Topics Include

Personal Performance

  • Your only competitor is yourself!
  • You never fail, you always win… or learn.
  • The physical, mental, and emotional intelligence you need to succeed.
  • It’s at the edge of who you are, that you learn who you can be.

Business Related

  • Entrepreneurship – Mind & Set-up, from beginning to end
  • Digital Marketing – How to connect it all to be successful
  • Business Improvement – Managing people and processes efficiently
  • Cost Savings – Examples on how we can save your organisation millions of dollars
  • Procurement – Advanced procurement techniques (Business Conferences)

Custom Engagements

  • Please contact us with your brief + the intended message for your audience, and we will propose various topic themes, free of charge.


Christophe took the time to learn about our audience prior to his presentation to ensure he would resonate with their interests.  He provided a captivating presentation as well as subtly introducing a message pertinent to our event.

His personal story was inspiring and kept our guests entertained. Christophe interacted well with the audience, and took the time to liaise with people before and after the event. His warmth and ability to communicate are just a couple of Christophe’s strengths. I would highly recommend him.” Kay Eade, Executive Officer of Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

“It was a real pleasure meeting Christophe Barriere-Varju at the RE/Max Platinum + Forum in Queenstown New Zealand. I very much enjoyed the insight he provided as keynote speaker with the title of Mission Possible. I particularly resonated with his dissertations around the need for discipline, physical, mental and emotional training, and the continuous focus to self-improvement. My time with him over lunch sharing our passions for current and future projects felt like I had met a kindred spirit. Thank you for a terrific presentation.” Adrian Lane-Mullins, Chairman – RE/MAX Australia & RE/MAX New Zealand, and Author of The Boy from Ashfield.

“I had the pleasure of working with Christophe on an event in New Zealand just recently and the feedback we have received has been extremely positive.  Christophe provided practical examples that will assist delegates with moving their businesses to the next level.  If only we could have had more time with Christophe to learn more about the adversity that he faced which he turned around to achieve anything he put his mind to.  He was a true professional leading up to and during the event and I look forward to working with him again.” Tara Davoren – Event Organiser and Owner at Imagine Experiences

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Christophe speak about his life and Dakar experiences in public forums on two occasions. His story is a compelling one and he tells it with passion and humour. When you see the adversity Christophe faced to achieve his dream you are inspired. Christophe takes the listener onto the journey with him. You feel his pain and his exhilaration. Hear Inspirational Speaker Christophe tell his story and you will be motivated to get out and achieve your dreams.”
Shirley Hardy-Rix, Writer, journalist and publicist.

“I was fortunate to hear Christophe speak at a recent conference and deliver two very different presentations both in style and content. One was a practical, workshop style session and the other was a keynote motivational speech. In both sessions the audiences were captured, myself included. He has a very natural way of connecting with the audience and connecting the audience participants with each other – giving you the feeling that you’re all in conversation together. Eloquent, entertaining, inspirational.”
Lisa Woodward, Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council

“I first heard Christophe speak at a dinner and quite frankly – he was the highlight of the night. His story is truly inspiring and proves that with sheer determination and focus anything is possible. His down to earth nature and openness engages everyone, draws them in and leaves them uplifted. Talking with Christophe is like talking to a long time friend. He immediately creates rapport and you can’t help but be inspired by this great achiever.”
Stephen McDowall, Motorcycle Presenter – “Motorcycle Life” Radio Show.

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