Pushing your Limits in Motorsports


We all love to watch motorsports on television, some of us wish they could be the one behing the wheel or riding that bike.

That’s the appealing side, the thrill, the adrenalin rushes, the speed, the sensations.

However all this comes at a cost. First, to be in that position sacrifices need to be made, priorities need to be imposed, training regiment need to be set and followed.

Pushing your limits is about the highs and the lows, it’s about the time away from those you love or want to spend time with. Instead, you spend hours training physically, mentally and emotionally. As you body and mind develop and become more accepting of the pain you give to it, the limits get pushed a little further.

But when these limits get pushed a little too far, injuries happen, deception, set back, months of preparation get wasted whilst the body heal – with some injuries staying with you for the rest of your life. You watch friends get injured much more than you, and some can’t make survive.

Do you still wish you could be the one behind the wheel or riding that bike?

Pushing your limits in motorsport, or in life for that matter comes at a sacrifice. On the positive side, you explore your own capabilities, you see how far you can go, how close you can get to that self-imposed limit called “life.”

There is a fine line between doing not enough and live with regrets, and doing too much and not live very long. Pushing your inner limits will teach you about yourself. As Christophe says “your only opponent, your only competitor, is yourself.”



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