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Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris speak with Christophe Barriere-Varju on the Daily Drive Show about motorcycle road safety, and the challenges of riding a motorbike when getting old. Here is what happens…

Imagine being 49 years and 364 days old. Your hair, once thick and rich in colour, is now patchy, insipid, and a dullish grey.

Middle age men should rethink that motorcycle
Middle age men should rethink that motorcycle.

The optimism you brimmed with in your younger years has been whittled away, replaced by a tired, cynical outlook on a life you have wasted in a bland office, staring at a computer screen, filing TPS reports.

You’re plump around the middle. Stairs make you short of breath. And your footy team hasn’t won a premiership since Whitlam was Prime Minister.

This isn’t you, you say to yourself. This is who you promised you would never become. This was what you were afraid of when you were young, ambitious, and excited about the future.

Time to shake things up… read the rest of this article.

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