7 Ways to Enhance Mental Health Performance


Book Christophe Barriere-Varju as your speaker for your upcoming conference or event.

Christophe Barriere-Varju is an inspirational and motivational speaker that will begin a conversation with “if I asked you to stop your life, right here, right now – then ask you to go back and live it again in exactly the same way, would you want to? Or would you change a few things?” – Answers to that question are complex, but they are also very simple. Most of us will not want to live the exact same life again, so why not take the first step right now?

Can Mental Health Performance Be Enhanced?

Mental Performance (and Mental Health) is a very complex and broad topic that is not fully understood partly because no one really knows how the brain operates. Billion of signals are processed every nanosecond that are triggered both consciously and unconsciously based on so many factor including our genes, our education, our environment, our experiences, traumatic events, the people around us so on and so forth.

Yet our brain needs to make sense of all this and must attempt to process all these signals in a way that is acceptable both by our society and by ourselves – establishing a non-moving pole as a de-facto standard to judge our mental health may help, but who is to say which is the right way?

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